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Updates to Policy 4305: Authorized closings leave and compensation policy

From: Human Resources

The university has recently updated Policy 4305: Authorized Closings Leave and Compensation Policy.

With this update and in an effort to provide consistency and clarity to the university’s use of the terms “emergency” and “essential” personnel, the term “non-emergency” was removed from references to employees not designated as emergency personnel in Policy 4305. Following is a summary of changes:

  • The term “non-emergency” was removed from all references to personnel not designated as emergency personnel.
  • The definition of “emergency personnel” now includes that employees designated as emergency personnel are expected to be prepared and available to report to or remain at work at the employer’s central workplace during authorized closings as determined by their department. If required to report to work, such personnel must work when classes are canceled and during other periods of authorized closing. 
  • The policy clarifies the eligibility or ineligibility of an employee to receive authorized closing leave, which is dependent upon whether an employee: 1) wholly performs their duties at the employer’s central workplace, 2) works fully remote, or 3) works a hybrid schedule.
  • If employees who work fully remote or hybrid schedules are not able to do so due to a power outage or other condition preventing the ability to work during an authorized closing, they should immediately notify their supervisor. Under such circumstances, these employees will receive authorized closing leave for the hours (no more than 8) that they were unable to work during the authorized closing.

The policy has been updated and is available on the policy website.

For questions about these policy changes, please contact your college or department HR representative.

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