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Employees and students encouraged to report booster shot for COVID-19

From: Human Resources and Student Affairs

As mentioned in the Dec. 10 community letter from Vice Presidents Frank Shushok Jr. and Bryan Garey, the university would like to understand how many students and employees who previously reported COVID-19 vaccination information have since received a booster shot. Both the student and employee reporting systems can collect booster information.

Thank you in advance for reporting your booster information. Please keep in mind that the university may require in the future that students and employees receive and report boosters should we see a rise in cases or serious threat of illness in our communities, but at this time boosters are not required.

The best defense against COVID continues to be vaccination. If you haven’t already received one, there are proven results that vaccination prevents serious symptoms, hospitalization, and death.

If you have been vaccinated, get your booster. All individuals aged 18 and older are eligible to receive a COVID booster. If you are at least six months past your first vaccination date for Moderna or Pfizer, or two months past your vaccination date for Johnson & Johnson, get a booster as soon as possible.

To get the vaccine or booster, go to one of the Health Department sites listed, visit a local pharmacy, or find a vaccine through

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