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Caregiving resources website now available

From: Human Resources

In Virginia Tech’s continuing effort to address the growing concerns among faculty, staff, and students regarding the availability of affordable quality child care and early education and adult care, a new Caregiving Resources website has been created.

The site provides a one-stop location for:

  • Information about campus child care and elder care resources,
  • Contacts for community and state organizations that Virginia Tech is partnering with to address the need for more caregiving resources,
  • Frequently asked questions,
  • A feedback survey where questions, needs, and concerns may be shared,
  • The latest Virginia Tech news about our caregiving efforts, and more.

As the university works to address child and elder care needs, this site will feature more information about resources, programs, and opportunities for our community.

The site also includes background on Virginia Tech’s working group, which was formed to develop a vision and strategy for the future of caregiving in support of the university community. Initially established for child care, the scope of the group has been broadened to include infant care to elder care. For more information on Virginia Tech’s efforts, visit the background page on the caregiving resources website. 

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