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Help neighbors in need through the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

From: Human Resources

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign addresses our community’s most critical problems.

Your donation, no matter how small, has an impact. A donation of $50 can provide a week of meals for home-bound senior citizens. Just $35 can provide a Thanksgiving meal for a family of four.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of Virginia Tech employees, the campaign surpassed the university goal of $370,000, raising more than $404,000 for charities across the state.

This year’s campaign has a goal of $390,000 and runs until Dec. 10. You can choose from more than 900 charities throughout the state.

Donate now to the CVC through a payroll deduction or by cash, check, or online donation.

For questions or assistance, please contact your department representative or steering team member. More information can be found on the CVC website

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