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Seeking marijuana/cannabis users for research study in Virginia

From: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) has two new research studies in the NOVA/DC and NRV/Roanoke areas called ADAS and Pioneer. Here are the eligibility requirements to dually enroll in both studies:

  • Are you a marijuana/cannabis user?
  • Do you drive a 2018 or newer vehicle with technology such as Lane Keeping Assistance or Adaptive Cruise Control that automatically slows with traffic?
  • Are you willing to routinely use your smart phone to collect data on substance use through VTTI’s free and confidential app?

If so, you may be eligible to participate in a naturalistic driving study focused on how people drive and interact with newer vehicle technologies, such as driver assistance systems (ADAS Study), as well as a secondary study on substance use (Pioneer Study). 

All data for these studies are strictly confidential and participant privacy is protected, both locally and federally, by a Certificate of Confidentiality issued by the National Institute of Health. VTTI has been conducting transportation safety research studies all over the country for over 15 years.

Participants will have the option to participate in an enrollment period of 3-months and be compensated $500 to $700. Participants may be given the option to extend their participation up to 16 months (total maximum compensation of $1,800). Please contact a team member or visit the project’s website for full compensation details. 

Interested? Please contact us at 540-231-1583 or and reference the “Pioneer” study in your message. All inquiries welcome! <IRB #19-785><IRB #20-205><IRB#19-445>

To learn more about either study, visit the Pioneer study website.

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