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Flexible work option resources for employees and supervisors

From: Human Resources

Recognizing that while some work can only be done on-site, flexible work options have proven to be viable practices for many Virginia Tech employees as demonstrated during the pandemic.

Flexible work options are alternatives to the traditional workweek or the traditional workplace. These alternate options can help employees balance work and personal responsibilities while meeting business needs and objectives.

Additionally, flexible work options may help supervisors promote productivity among their teams, improve employee job satisfaction and retention, and develop management and leadership skills.

Offering flexible work options also expands the size and breadth of Virginia Tech’s candidate pools for jobs by reducing historic barriers, including geographically remote and rural locations.

Flexible work options include:

  • Telework, which is the execution of all or part of an employees’ job responsibilities at an alternate work site outside of their physical office location such as their home.
  • Alternative Work Schedules, which are schedules that differ from the standard hours a job may be typically assigned.

Virginia Tech supports the use of flexible work options and, in order to help supervisors and employees determine when telework or alternate work scheduling may be an option, Human Resources has developed a Flexible Work Options site. The site includes:

  • An updated Telework and Remote Work Suitability Guide. First published in July 2020, this guide has been updated based on feedback from Virginia Tech employees and supervisors as well as telework best practices.
  • New and updated training resources, including recommended training for employees and supervisors.
  • Other helpful documents, resources, and policy links.

In late July, Human Resources will also launch a new Flexible Work Arrangement forms site which will house telework, alternate schedule, and hybrid work agreements. Watch for more information soon on the new forms site.

For questions about flexible work options, contact your supervisor or college or department HR representative. 

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