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New Flexible Work Arrangement site is live

From: Human Resources

To support employees and managers and supervisors who have discussed and agreed upon flexible work arrangements, including telework and alternate schedules, Human Resources is launching a new Flexible Work Arrangement form site. The new site will house the following arrangement types:

  • Alternate Work Schedule: Variation from the employee's standard work hours in starting and departure times or a revised schedule that compresses the work week into fewer days while maintaining total hours of a traditional work week (most commonly 40 hours).
  • Telework Agreement: Arrangement providing for employee to work from alternate location on a consistent or occasional basis.
  • Combined Flexibility/Both: Plan for employee to assume an alternate work schedule and pursue some form of telework.

Once a telework or alternate schedule is agreed upon by the supervisor and employee, a flexible work arrangement should be completed in the new site. Please refer to University Policy No. 4325: Alternate Work Site and Telework Policy for more information. All full and part-time faculty, staff, non-student and student wage employees should complete an agreement if they work an alternate schedule or are teleworking from a location outside of the Virginia Tech campus or office location for their position.

As part of the transition, all existing telework and alternate work schedule agreements were migrated from the previous site to the new site. If an employee’s most recent agreement has expired, they will need to create a new agreement though the site will show that the agreement previously existed. If their current agreement is within 30 days of expiring, they may Renew it in the site.

In the site, employees will be able to take the following actions:

  • Create a new flexible work arrangement. All fields are editable. The maximum duration for a new arrangement is six months. The employee’s supervisor and department head will need to approve the agreement and will be notified via email when an arrangement is ready for review. In some cases, an employee’s Human Resources representative will also need to approve the arrangement.
  • Amend an active arrangement where minor updates need to be documented. Limited edits are allowed with this function such as updating phone numbers and equipment and will not require re-approval of the arrangement. If larger edits need to be made such as changing the state, agreement type, or review date, the Amend function cannot be used. In this case, it is recommended that employees Expire the old arrangement and Create a new one.
  • Renew an arrangement, which can be done 30 days prior to and following the end date of the last agreement. For example, an agreement ending June 30 is available for renewal from May 30 to July 30. The maximum agreement duration is one year. Arrangement renewals will be need to be approved by the employee’s supervisor and department head and will be notified via email when an arrangement is ready for review. In some cases, an employee’s Human Resources representative will also need to approve the arrangement.
  • Expire an arrangement, which can be done at any time by the employee. This terminates the flexible work arrangement previously documented. The expired agreement will remain in the system for documentation purposes.

Visit this page for frequently asked questions about the Flexible Work Arrangement forms site. Visit this page for employee and supervisor resources and training about flexible work options.

Please see the following notes on flexible work arrangement agreements. 

  • All flexible work arrangement agreements will need to be approved by the immediate supervisor and department head. In some cases, the college or department Human Resources representative may also need to approve the agreement.
  • Flexible work arrangement agreements may change. An arrangement that works today for the supervisor, employee, and team may not work in the future based on changing business needs or requirements.
  • Telework is not a substitute for active dependent care. Employees who telework must not have responsibilities for primary care of dependents while working. In extenuating circumstances an employee is encouraged to work with their supervisor to develop a work schedule to accommodate dependent care needs.
  • It is an accepted practice for Teaching and Research faculty (T/R faculty) to carry out their work with varied schedules on campus and at alternate locations, therefore, a formal flexible work arrangement agreement will not be required for T/R faculty unless the normal work assignment is consistently at an alternate location rather than the standard assigned office.

If you have questions about the Flexible Work Arrangement form site, contact the HR Service Center at or 540-231-9331. 

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