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Registration open for workshop on 'Employee Commitment and Engagement in Our New Normal'

From: Virginia Tech Richmond Center

There are many factors that impact an employee’s commitment to the organization and engagement in their work. When managers focus on these elements, employees excel. In turn, the organization will be more productive and better accomplish its goals. Additionally, as organizations move beyond COVID-19, managers need to consider the impact that the pandemic had on its employees as well as new expectations employees might have for flexibility. Managers who have only worked with full-time, in-person employees may now struggle to engage workers in hybrid work structures going forward.

This workshop will explore these elements and more to help managers lead their organizations to success. It will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, June 22. Register here.

Key questions addressed: What elements of employee commitment and engagement should managers focus on? What influence did the pandemic have on the workforce and how might that impact the organization? What can managers do to improve employee engagement post-pandemic? How can managers monitor employee engagement over time to strengthen their employees’ commitment to the organization’s success?

In this workshop, participants will learn to:

1. Recognize components of employee engagement and commitment.

2. Identify opportunities and challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic for employee engagement and commitment.

3. Propose managerial actions that can improve employee engagement and commitment in a post-pandemic setting.

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