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Interfaith student organization promotes workshop with Bishal Karna about self-compassion

From: VT Interfaith Program

Bishal Karna (professor of religious studies at Nazareth College, Rochester, New York) will lead the workshop "Compassion Turned Inward: Antidote for Stress and Anxiety" hosted by Synergy: Interfaith Collective at Virginia Tech, a student-led interfaith organization on campus. The workshop is open to students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Self-compassion is an essential, but often overlooked, ingredient in cultivating personal and interpersonal wellbeing. It is a necessary foundation for coping with stressors in our lives and for helping others when they are suffering. This workshop will undo misconceptions that keep us from being compassionate to ourselves and, drawing from world religions, provide a set of attitudes and practices to help us get started in our journey of self-compassion.

In the workshop, participants will learn how we can:

1) Forgive and accept what we consider to be imperfections and failings

2) Be a healing presence for ourselves when we are suffering

3) Develop a loving relationship with ourselves

Tuesday June 22, 6 - 7 pm (Zoom)

Register to attend at

Developed in partnership with the Virginia Tech Interfaith Program, as part of the Interfaith Cooperation & Civil Rights project sponsored by an Interfaith Youth Core grant.

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