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Innovation Campus and Boeing host STEM Career Tour

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Innovation Campus and Boeing host STEM Career Tour
Virginia Tech's Innovation Campus partnered with Boeing and Alexandria City Public Schools for a STEM Career Tour. Students engaged with Boeing researchers in a hands-on engineering activity at the Arlington Boeing HQ.

[Uses solar energy, so it goes and flies really high and use the power of the sun to keep moving....] Today, we have had 23 students visiting Boeing, learning about the aerospace industry. They are also completing hands-on activities, and designing a structure in a phantom eye activity. They're having an opportunity to connect with Boeing staffing, researchers and engineers to learn about the career, learn about what shapes their interests. Providing them like important information to help them identify what particular fields they would like to pursue in the future as a student or as a professional. And we feel it's important to provide students activities that are, are relevant to their everyday life. That introduces them to the rigor and wonder of these fields. But then also to provide them opportunity to have fun while they're learning, so that they will be able to identify what is important to them.