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What's Your Science? - Carla Lopez Lloreda

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Category: academics Video duration: What's Your Science? - Carla Lopez Lloreda
Carla shares her interest in studying aquatic ecosystems and how greenhouse gas emissions affect  and interact with them.
My name is Carla Lopez LLoreda. I am a master student in the Department of Biological Sciences working with Dr. Erin Hotchkiss, we study ecosystem ecology and what we call biogeochemistry, which is basically just trying to understand how water moves into and out of aquatic ecosystems and how it's processed within those ecosystems. Specifically, I'm interested in, in understanding what the role of aquatic ecosystems like streams and wetlands is in controlling a greenhouse gas emissions. And we know that carbon dioxide and methane can move into aquatic environment from soils, from the surrounding landscape, and it can move downstream, but it could also move out into the atmosphere. And so a lot of work has begun understanding that these aquatic ecosystems can have a really important role in greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically for things like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.