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Cornerstone Moment: Alumnus Frank Beamer as a Hokies player

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Legendary Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer, '69 recalls the cornerstone moment that occurred during his time as a player for the Hokies.  
There was a lot of changes going on when I came to school here in '65. T. Marshall Hahn had a vision that he was going to change Virginia Tech. The female enrollment increased quite a bit. We had one band, the Highty Tighties then we got the Marching Virginians. It became optional, it was your choice whether you would go into the military ROTC. I came over here as a young kid with my uncle who's a graduate of Virginia Tech and we sat in Miles Stadium which is right over here on the hill and saw Carroll Dale play and Sonny Utz, Bob Schweickert and all those guys. So I kind of grew up with Virginia Tech and then the changes, you know, you accepted them and went on and you always felt like we were, we were changing for the better. So we were growing, bigger and better. The moment that stands out to me is we were playing Richmond and they had a quarterback and he wasn't real, real fast but he threw the ball out into the flat. I remember I had to go about 20 yards right down there in the corner of that end zone. And I remember Buster almost caught me. This slow quarterback (laughing). This slow quarterback, but I wasn't real fast myself either as a cornerback. When I made it to the endzone, I took the ball, threw it up in the stands as the students sit right down there in the corner, threw it up in the stands. When I got off the sidelines somebody said, 'Hey, act like you've been there before' and I said, I haven't been there before! Not since high school. Not