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Thanksgiving meals to-go in Northern Virginia

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On a typical year, the Graduate School in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area hosts a Thanksgiving Feast to celebrate together at the Northern Virginia Center. To keep the celebrations alive while encouraging physical distancing, students were offered a free cateredĀ ThanksgivingĀ meal to pick up and enjoy.
Thanksgiving is a time when we can be grateful for what we have and appreciate that. And it's always good to remind people of that. And in a time when it's definitely hard to have community events, this is one way we can try to bring people together. And the other thing we try to do is for international students we want them to have some understanding of what it's like to have an American Thanksgiving and what these holidays mean for the country. I come from China. This is my first time having this. In China we also have some festivals that people gather together and share a meal. I think it's really a lovely experience. So we worked with a local catering company to provide individual meals for students that they can take on their own. And they have a great system where you sign up for a particular time so we don't have crowds and everybody gets a chance to experience a little bit of Thanksgiving.