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Preston's open for business with innovative changes to enhance safety

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Preston's open for business with innovative changes to enhance safety
Preston’s Restaurant and the Continental Divide Lounge at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center are open for business. The restaurant has initiated additional precautions to keep diners safe and found innovative ways to allow small groups to safely meet while enjoying mouthwatering creations.
Preston's at The Inn at Virginia Tech is open for business. "My name is Scott Watson, I'm the executive chef here at the Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center." Chef Scott Watson describes the measures Preston's is adding to its already high standards to ensure customer and employee safety. "We're doing social distancing as everybody is aware of, make sure we're spacing all the tables six feet apart. We are using disposable menus, so just one time use." But it's a new approach to service the restaurant cooked up in response to COVID he's most excited to share. "We all like to provide excellent service and it helps us push our boundaries." Popular for its private events. Preston's shifted the traditional buffet line to full service. "We'll have a server actually put the item on your plate for you." He's also developing new ways to serve meeting attendees like bento box inspired meals. "I think it's actually really, really fun and enjoy it. Because it pushes us to be able to do those items now, that maybe a couple of months ago we might not have considered because we're used to doing it with our glass and our silver and our china." Guests dining in will select options from one time use menus or use their phone and a QR code. "We're doing a QR code so we can scan it and the menu pops up on your phone so it's completely paperless." Tweaks to ease concerns as customers enjoy a business lunch, a night out for two, or an