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College of Architecture and Urban Studies faculty member develops new COVID-19 key design

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Category: academics Video duration: College of Architecture and Urban Studies faculty member develops new COVID-19 key design

Ryan Pieper, associate professor at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center, found the key to his contribution in the times of COVID-19 in designing a more efficient and widely -accessible version of the handheld tools he saw being marketed as germ-free ways to open doors and use on touchscreens. His design is open sourced with the hope of providing production opportunities for local machine shops around the world.

It wasn't my idea. My involvement was to improve upon an existing idea. So I started by accumulating all images of variants of these designs that I had seen and I got close to about 20 of them. Some are pretty good, decent, but I don't know, 90% of them are pretty gimmicky. I came up with one that is similar to what is currently on the market. that most people see. And that is this guy right here where you insert your index finger and you can use this hook end to pull and open up doors. And it has a flat spot at the end that will allow you to use certain touchscreens and buttons at the gas station and things like that. But I wanted to also come up with one that was, I guess an entirely unique to what is also out there, just maybe for my own interest as a designer. And that is this version. And so I did away with the loop and put another little handle on here and it allows for the user to get a firmer grasp on the door. If there is a heavy door, something that's difficult to get open, you can put some more oomph into it. And both of which have these holes so you can put them on your key ring. I thought it would be nice to release the designs that I made, the improvements that I made, to the public for free. And anyone who has the ability to make these, in a machine shop, could do so. I wanted to give back, quite simply and it's hard to in some cases be able to give back. And I certainly wanted to come up with a way that I could give back and not make it a