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VTCCA write letters to Class of 2020 Cadets

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Corps of Cadet alumni participated in a letter-writing campaign to help celebrate this year’s graduation, delivering more than 280 letters plus challenge coins, unit patches, Virginia Tech items, T-shirts, rank insignia, and other treasures that were repackaged and mailed off to the 226 members of the cadet class of 2020.
[00:00:01] >> This is from neck to pretty from one cadet to another from one soldier to another. In my letters to them I began to hit on a couple more. Want to is the most important thing is they have a degree from a major university in past times they ask or graduates under different circumstances when he grads including They have had to leave and go on into service I didn't ever commissioning ceremony per se but it never graduation once they graduate and then if they all stay in touch with the series great camaraderie come back to core who. [00:00:52] March on the field with or. I'm sorry that they are not going to be at graduation and be at commissioning a change of command morning about a 2nd but that they would never forget their careers and how to tighten the cork and that they will always have a group of. [00:01:14] Friends that they spent 3 or 4 or 5 years you know that as time goes on into life they will treasure those friendships more. I am really proud of the hospital. Is the class I really got the practice my even stood on for the 1st time in a way my team into graduating. [00:01:40] It's like someone very close friends that you can turn to the brothers and sisters from last night. And just needs you know excited happy now to make worlds For the rest the hope you and I will be. It's it's a big family you know you got a family Pretty take we got another and bigger family have a long night it's just us to the well and that family. [00:02:03] Proud of them for harassment finish line getting college isn't easy and it certainly isn't even little time except in some really crowded.