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ComSciCon is a communicating science conference for Grad students.

[00:00:00] >> ComSciCon Is a communicating science conference organized by a graduate student or graduate student, It's a really good way to bring, because people know what that statue is. What we're trying to do is take a vast array of students from different disciplines and have them walk away from this workshop with a one to 2 minute speech about what their research is that they can communicate to a broad audience science communication is an important part of our research we do all this work to come up with really interesting results and if we can't communicate those results then how can we hope to have an impact. [00:00:44] We're trying to give people tools to communicate in a variety of different sources so whether it's social media whether it's written whether it's spoken we want to be able to share the knowledge base that we have as graduate students for how to communicate better.