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Growley's Valentine's Day Playdate

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Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets ambassador, Growley II, meets his date for the night’s Military Ball.


[00:00:07] >> This morning Growley and a couple of his handlers met with Mr Justin Graves class of 2012 and 2014 with his 14 year old beagle named Charlotte. So Charlotte is accompanying Growley as his date to the military ball here and we wanted to meet with her a little bit beforehand to give her a Valentine's Day bouquet of roses as well as a birthday present as today is her birthday. [00:00:37] I think that the best moment of the weekend for Growley and Charlotte will be tonight at the ball itself I'm sure they will be right up by the snack table and people will be slipping them cheese or fruit or cookies and I think they'll just have a great time at the ball as a whole.