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VTTI receives U.S. Department Of Transportation grants

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Category: research Video duration: VTTI receives U.S. Department Of Transportation grants
The U.S. Department Of Transportation Award for Virginia Tech Transportation Institute received two grants totaling $15 million to advance research on the safe integration of automation into U.S. roadways. Mike Mollenhauer, the institute's director for technology implementation, and Rich Hanowski, director of the Center for Truck and Bus Safety, discuss the awards.

[00:00:05] >> There's a lot of question marks if you will about how automated driving systems will deal with things like police on the side of the road 1st responders if they're dealing with a crash and we're trying to come up with solutions that will allow everybody to operate safely and it's very important that we bring them together to look at ways to standardize how how the automated driving systems will react to these solutions and come up with technical solutions that can be deployed nationally so that if there's. [00:00:34] Essentially if there's one technical solution that works in one part of the country it also has to work somewhere else. Transportation is on the verge of revolution and that revolution is automated driving that awards are huge for VTTI. What we put together is a really comprehensive program with a number of different partners and it'll allow us to be part of the leading edge for this revolution. [00:00:58] The impact of this program is huge it allows us to bring together public safety professionals infrastructure owner operators auto manufacturers to overcome problems that must be solved before automated driving systems can be deployed at a global or national scale.