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Exploring wood science with InsideTREES

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InsideTREES, a three-day educational summer program for high school students provided by the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, was held June 10-12, 2019 on Virginia Tech's Blacksburg Campus. The camp gave high school students an opportunity to explore aspects of wood science, forestry, engineering, and design.
[00:00:00] >> The purpose of InsideTREES is to raise awareness and opportunities for women and minority students in natural resources education, specifically forestry. "That's a little different." "Radius of the two circles, times that by, well square it then times that by the area." "We're going to add the weight and we're going to see how much the beam deforms, changes shape from its original position." You'll write that down, your displacement, so let's do that in millimeters." "So you mark on the bottom to see where the initial position is." "Are they like flat?" "Gently bend it. [00:00:38] Just gently bend it like this." "It is crazy, isn't it? It is crazy, isn't it?" "Rising." [00:00:57] [music] [00:01:18] "Let's see how it looks. Beautiful."