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Apex Center for Entrepreneurs hosts fall kickoff event

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On Aug. 29, 2018, the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs hosted its Fall VT Entrepreneurship Kickoff event. Caroline Pugh, a former Hokie, founder of VirtualU startup, and current chief of staff for CareJourney, spoke on “Starting Up, Standing Out, and the Path to Finding Your Passion."

[00:00:01] >> The Apex Center for Entrepreneurs has an array of resources that helps guide students through their entrepreneurial journey. A few of these include curriculum programs that are inside the classroom And also programmatic opportunities outside of the classroom such as mentorship, events to network, workshops to help students understand what the entrepreneurial process looks like. [00:00:20] Hi, my name's Mckayleigh and I'm an exchange student from Australia. I'm in an entrepreneurship class and I just thought it'd be great to come to an event like this to meet new people and experience something a little bit different. I'm really happy that VT offers these opportunities for us. [00:00:35] I was here seven years ago when the whole entrepreneur club idea first started and now it's blown up into the Apex Center which is filled with resources for students to take advantage of. So my advice to students who are first looking to start their companies here at Virginia Tech is that you actually have all the resources that you need right here on campus from mentors, investors, to business plan ideas, you have it all right here.