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    College of Architecture and Urban Studies faculty member develops new COVID-19 key design , video

    Ryan Pieper, associate professor at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center, found the key to his contribution in the times of COVID-19 in designing a more efficient and widely -accessible version of the handheld tools he saw being marketed as germ-free ways to open doors and use on touchscreens. His design is open sourced with the hope of providing production opportunities for local machine shops around the world.

    Date: Jun 12, 2020
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    Arduino Maker Workshop , video

    Virginia Tech's Division of Information Technology hosted 4-H high school students for a workshop to program and build a 'sibling detector alarm' using Arduino, an open-source platform. The class was led by Thomas Weeks, IT's director of technology futures and community advocacy.

    Date: Jun 28, 2019