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    Virginia Tech’s Luis Escobar contributes to international report on health and climate change , article

    The 2019 Lancet Countdown presents the findings and provides a collaborative perspective from 35 universities, institutions, and agencies on how climate change will influence human health.

    Date: Jan 30, 2020
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    What's your science? - Hannah Looney , video

    <div><div><div>Hannah Looney talks about how she was driven to major in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA). #whatsyourscience</div></div></div>

    Date: Jan 21, 2020
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    What's your science? - Patrick Gibson , video

    <div><div><div><div><div>Patrick Gibson talks about how he became interested in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA). #whatsyourscience</div></div></div></div></div>

    Date: Jan 21, 2020
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    Madrid artist creates, installs artwork for Moss Arts Center lobby , video

    For the third major public art commission at the Moss Arts Center, Daniel Canogar (Madrid) has created a site-specific sequence of dynamic, data-fed sculptural forms. "Surge" encompasses thousands of flickering LED lights in moving, ever-changing, computer-generated abstract images that glide across four sinuous, ribbon-like sculptural elements.Responding in real time to incoming data—ranging from internet traffic at Virginia Tech and energy consumption in the Moss Arts Center to regional wind speeds and temperatures—the generative visuals of "Surge" flow continuously across four walls.

    Date: Aug 30, 2019
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    Pamplin Business College Data Analytics Hackathon , video

    Students were tasked to come up with the next big Superhero movie in a short Hackathon. The goal is to teach students to tackle real world scenarios using their skill sets in data analytics.

    Date: Apr 02, 2019
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    Bill Roth's sports media class aims to predict Final Four , video

    March Madness can seem unpredictable but when it comes filling out an NCAA bracket, Bill Roth, professor of practice and former Voice of the Hokies, challenges his sports media students to successfully predict the Final Four.

    Date: Mar 21, 2019
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    On the Record: Behind the Algorithm - Using Data to Solve Urban Challenges , video

    Computer science expert Naren Ramakrishnan, the Thomas L. Phillips Professor of Engineering and the director of the Discovery Analytics Center, talks about how government leaders and urban planners are using data to predict behavior patterns and offer solutions to local challenges. Ramakrishnan spoke at a Virginia Tech On The Record media event on Jan. 24,at the Arlington Research Center. “On the Record” – a series of regular media roundtables -- was launched by the university’s Media Relations team last fall with a goal of elevating Virginia Tech research and connecting our faculty to reporters from national and trade publications.

    Date: Jan 29, 2019
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    Geosciences professor awaits data from Mars explorer , video

    Virginia Tech professor Scott King with the Department of Geosciences in the College of Science, watched NASA’s new InSight lander as it touched down on Mars Nov. 26. King is part of one of the teams selected by NASA to receive data collected by the robotic explorer.

    Date: Nov 30, 2018
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    How workday stress impacts commutes home , video

    Virginia Tech Assistant Professor of Psychology Charles Calderwood researched whether a person’s workday experiences influenced how safely he or she drives on the way home from work. Researchers used employee submitted surveys as well as a commercially available cell phone app to track real-time driving behavior.

    Date: Oct 16, 2018

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