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    Creating a sustainable foundation for products worldwide , video

    Students and faculty at the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design are studying how pallets behave while carrying different types of packages. The research will help manufacturers design new pallets that require less lumber while retaining their strength.

    Date: Sep 22, 2021
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    Lab measures package handling during increased shipping amidst Covid-19 , video

    Researchers in Virginia Tech's packaging center investigate how an increase in e-commerce during Covid-19 is impacting how packages are handled. They measure the impact packages endure to determine whether testing standards need to be revised.

    Date: Nov 16, 2020
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    Moving the world through packaging , video

    The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design hosted an open house to help Blacksburg area businesses and friends of the college discover the dynamic opportunities afforded by the program's state of the art lab.

    Date: Dec 13, 2019