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    Hokie BugCamp 2021 , video

    Armed with nets and jars, kids of all ages explored Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Va to find and capture flying and crawling insects during Hokie BugCamp 2021. The Virginia Tech Department of Entomology in partnership with the Virginia 4-H Virginia Cooperative Extension and the New River Land Trust hosted three mini sessions of Hokie BugCamp which focused on insect collecting–the most popular component of the youth camp–in which kids collected, identified, and learned how to pin their found specimens. In addition to insect collecting, campers also participated in an insect scavenger hunt and an insect collection contest.

    Date: Aug 26, 2021
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    4-H helps prepare youth for technology world , video

    As career opportunities become more prevalent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Pulaski County 4-H exposed kids to STEM during a 2-day class at Next Level VR, aiming to get kids excited about robotics and computers.

    Date: Jul 02, 2021
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    Arduino Maker Workshop , video

    Virginia Tech's Division of Information Technology hosted 4-H high school students for a workshop to program and build a 'sibling detector alarm' using Arduino, an open-source platform. The class was led by Thomas Weeks, IT's director of technology futures and community advocacy.

    Date: Jun 28, 2019
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    Inside Hokie Camp x Summer Academy , video

    Take an inside look at what goes down during Hokie Camp held at the beautiful 4-H Center located in Smith Mountain Lake. Summer Academy students came for six weeks during the summer to take courses, live in the residence halls, learn the campus, and get a jumpstart on the fall, including orientation and Hokie Camp.

    Date: Aug 13, 2018