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Virginia Tech Police offer these tips to secure your residence

From: Virginia Tech Police Department

Residential Security, of a house or apartment, have often simple recommendations. Here are a few suggestions.

Neighborhood Watch

If your neighborhood does not have one, start one. The neighbors can all watch out for each other, thwarting crime before it starts. Report all suspicious people and circumstances immediately.

Lock Your Door

Even though windows are easy to break, burglars tend to use the doors. The more difficult or the more time it takes them to enter, the more likely that they will move to an easier target. Reinforce hinges with longer screws, and ensure you have a one inch deadbolt.


If you have a peephole, use it.

Landscape & Lighting

Being able to see all doors and windows from a roadway, neighbor, etc., is paramount to a secure home. Keep shrubbery down to two feet, and trees trimmed up to six feet. This way the lighting will decrease hiding spots.

Engrave Valuables

In the event of a theft, you are much more likely to have your item returned if there is an identifiable mark separating yours from everyone else's. "Black laptop" isn't all that descriptive. Check out engravers for free at our police department.

Trust Your Instincts

If something doesn't look right to you, it probably isn't. If someone or something appears out of place in your neighborhood, contact the police immediately.

Key Safety

Never attach your name and/or address to your key chain. Never give your keys to someone (i.e. to fix your car) that includes your house key. A perpetrator can get a copy of the key. Avoid hiding spots that are apparent, such as welcome mats and plastic rocks right beside the porch.


Have an emergency plan for your family. Include things such as meeting places, "safe phrases", etc. These are handy for all emergencies, including fires and natural disasters.

Know How to Defend Yourself

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