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Scam Alert: Traffic accident scam

The Virginia Tech Police Department has been alerted to a new scam in the region.
Recently there have been two incidents which have occurred of campus and involved Virginia Tech students. The suspects work as a couple, staging motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents. The suspects will claim they have been struck by the victim’s motor vehicle. In lieu of contacting the police and/or insurance companies, the suspects coerce the victim into paying them a sum of money. The suspects have gone with the victim either to a bank or an ATM to obtain the funds from the victim.
If you are involved in an incident such as this, please contact your local police department immediately.  Do not work out a settlement prior to contacting the police. You can reach all of the law enforcement agencies located in Montgomery County by calling (540) 382-4343. When calling, be prepared to provide the dispatcher with your name, contact information, a description of the incident, and your current location.
If you have previously been a victim of this scam, and not filed a police report, the police department recommends you do so by calling (540) 382-4343.  You will then be connected with the appropriate law enforcement agency to handle your case.

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