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Employees can now complete tax forms online

From: Payroll Department

New and current Virginia Tech employees who are also U.S. citizens or permanent residents can now complete their federal W4 and Virginia VA4 tax forms online in Hokie Spa.

New employees can complete the tax forms and direct deposit on or before their first day of work once they have their PID. Current employees may update their tax forms at any time. To access this new functionality, log into Hokie Spa, select the Hokie Team tab, and select Tax forms. The link to the IRS calculator is at the top of the online form to assist employees in selecting their filing status.

Providing online access to update tax forms has several advantages:

  • Supports Virginia Tech’s green initiative by reducing paper forms and the costs associated with processing them.
  • Reduces costs for regular or interoffice mail.
  • Results in faster processing times and reduced human error. Online forms are formatted to eliminate invalid entries and are uploaded to Banner daily.

Non-residents should continue to complete the federal NRA W4 and Virginia NRA VA4 forms on the Payroll forms page and submit them to the Payroll department for processing. Non-resident forms will available online in the near future.

For employees who are residents of West Virginia or Maryland, paper tax forms should be submitted to the Payroll office for processing. These state forms will also be available online in the near future.

As a reminder, without valid W4 and VA4 forms, the Payroll team must withhold taxes at the highest rate, as if the employee were single and claimed no withholding allowances. All employees are encouraged to review tax withholdings annually. Please contact with questions about these changes.

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