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Include accommodation statement in university event and program notices

From: Office for Equity and Accessibility

Attention campus event organizers:

Virginia Tech is committed to ensuring that programs, services, events, and activities are accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Our goal is to proactively plan events free of physical, communication, and/or other barriers so all individuals may participate in campus programs, services, events, and activities.

Accommodation statements

All institutional and departmental publications that describe or invite public participation or attendance in programs at the university, and all university-sponsored events held off campus, are required to contain a disability accommodation statement.

The statement must be in the invitation or announcement of the event. It should provide an event contact, email, and phone number. The accommodation notice will enable the event planner to arrange reasonable accommodations in advance.

Pre-registration for an event provides an opportunity for event planners to provide important details about the event. A comprehensive description of the event should include location, environmental conditions, captioning availability, the availability of ASL interpreting, etc. If an event includes overnight lodging, the event planner should investigate the accessibility features of the lodging.

Responding to requests for accommodations

Focus on the accessibility issue and the requested accommodation. Respond as quickly as possible to a participant requesting an accommodation because it may take several communications to work through the details of a particular request. The preferred accommodation from the participant should be given primary consideration.

If the preferred option proves difficult to provide or if there are questions consult with:

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