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Revised Qualtrics pricing announced; resources available to assist researcher, department transition to QuestionPro

From: Division of Information Technology

As announced in early 2021, Virginia Tech’s centrally funded university site license for Qualtrics survey software is ending on May 31, 2022. Departments and individuals that wish to continue using Qualtrics after this date must purchase licenses for the product. 

Researchers who are conducting ongoing long-term studies in Qualtrics and need support to determine the best option going forward should contact the Software Service Center at, to ensure that data collection continues with no interruption. 

QuestionPro available at no additional cost

As an alternative, QuestionPro is available at no additional cost to all Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff. QuestionPro offers features and functionality comparable to Qualtrics. In most cases, survey questions and data can be migrated from Qualtrics into QuestionPro, and QuestionPro supports 98% of all Qualtrics question types.

Resources/support for moving from Qualtrics to QuestionPro

The Office of Research and Innovation’s Human Research Protection Program has assembled a detailed list of frequently asked questions about the Qualtrics to QuestionPro transition for researchers.

The following resources offer instructions and guidance for exporting data from Qualtrics, and importing data into QuestionPro.

QuestionPro training and support

University Libraries and IT Procurement and Licensing Solutions (ITPALS) have collaborated to offer a series of online QuestionPro training sessions via the TLOS Professional Development Network (PDN). Recordings of previous QuestionPro training sessions are also available on the QuestionPro information page

Additional resources and tutorials from QuestionPro that might be helpful include: 

Qualtrics pricing information (revised 4/25/2022)

Revised pricing for 2022-2023 Qualtrics licenses was established on April 25, 2022, in response to user requests. IT Procurement and Licensing Solutions (ITPALS) negotiated with Qualtrics to purchase a substantial number of licenses for the upcoming license year, as well as to reassess response limits for the different license tiers. Licenses can be individual, departmental, or college-wide, and none of these license tiers have limits on the number of responses received. Individual Qualtrics Licenses will be available at a cost of $1000 beginning May 16. Departments or colleges wishing to purchase a department-wide or college-wide license will need to request a quote from Departmental Software. ITPALS will provide quotes for department-wide and college-wide licenses until May 13 and begin taking orders May 16.

For complete information, visit the Qualtrics licensing and pricing information for 2022-23 page on the ITPALS website. 

In addition, ITPALS’ new agreement with Qualtrics enables the preservation of all previous surveys and data in a readable, exportable format on the instance. While users are still encouraged to shift from Qualtrics to QuestionPro wherever possible, this renegotiated pricing should offer additional flexibility for researchers and administrators as they navigate the changeover.

We understand that many in the Virginia Tech community who have been using Qualtrics in their research and work activities have questions and concerns about this change. If you need additional support, or have questions that are not sufficiently addressed in the resources above, please contact the Software Service Center at

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