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Microsoft 365 Duo Second-Factor Screen Change to Occur July 17

From: Division of Information Technology

Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS) is implementing a configuration change to the Virginia Tech Microsoft 365 (M365) and Microsoft Azure authentication screens, which will result in changes in the display of the Duo 2-Factor (2FA) prompt when logging into M365 and Azure applications. 

Beginning on July 17, 2021, users will notice the normal VT Duo 2FA popup is now being displayed in a separate window and hosted by “” instead of “,” as illustrated in the examples below.

Example 1: Current Duo second-factor screen, through July 17, 2021

Microsoft 365 Duo Second Factor Login Screen before July 17 change: URL is ""
The VT Duo 2FA window when logging into M365, before the July 17 change. Note the host is ""

Example 2: What the Duo second-factor screen will look like after the July 17 change

Microsoft 365 Duo Second Factor Login Screen after July 17 change: URL is ""
The VT Duo 2FA window after the change. Note the host is

Changes will also be seen in the Duo Prompt Push on mobile devices. Users will notice the URL change mentioned above, and the push notification shown on the Duo prompt will now appear as “VT AAD” instead of “VT ADFS.”

How does this affect me?

M365 services will remain operational during this change, and there should be no disruption in service. All users will be required to re-authenticate with Microsoft services using their Hokies accounts after this change goes into effect. Users actively working in M365 or Microsoft Azure during the maintenance window on Saturday, July 17 may experience two Duo second-factor requests. 

What should I do? 

You do not have to do anything to prepare for this configuration change. If you have problems authenticating after the change, please submit a 4Help ticket or call the Help Desk at 540-231-4357.

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