Eduroam WiFi users -- beginning October 14, 2020, you may need to accept a new security certificate the next time you connect to the eduroam wireless network. You'll need your Virginia Tech network password to reconnect. To view or change your network password, visit the Network Password page.

If the prompt to “trust” the new certificate doesn’t come up automatically, and you are unable to connect, here are two simple steps you can take:

1. Go to your network settings and toggle your WiFi off, then on. Click “eduroam” - this should prompt you to “trust” a new certificate. If this doesn't resolve it, try step 2.

2. Go to your network settings and delete or “forget” eduroam, then search for WiFi networks. When eduroam reappears, choose and “trust” it.  

Contact 4Help at or 540-231-4357, if you have trouble connecting, or need any additional help.

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