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Call for proposals for Destination Areas 2.0 Planning and Development Grants

From: Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Office of Research and Innovation

Virginia Tech is soliciting proposals for the next phase of Destination Area projects that are aligned with the Beyond Boundaries vision and will achieve the strategic priorities in The Virginia Tech Difference: Advancing Beyond Boundaries. Proposals and the associated projects are designed to build upon and continue the foundational work of existing Destination Areas and their efforts to create and advance transdisciplinary communities of faculty who have connected across disciplinary boundaries.

The Destination Area 2.0 proposals will target transdisciplinary learning, discovery, and outreach efforts that yield solutions to complex problems that advance the human condition and that have a high likelihood of Virginia Tech sustaining or establishing an international leadership position in the area of interest.

Planning and Development Grants of up to $50,000 will be awarded and are expected to support team and project development over an approximately six-month period. Successful proposals will articulate the transformative nature of the work outlined and how it places Virginia Tech in the top tier of global institutions working to solve the problem identified.

The grant awards are designed to deploy the expertise and assets that have been cultivated within the university to address compelling problems of global importance. Working collaboratively with the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation, funding is intended to support teams as they engage in a process of project development to help them:

  • Better understand and articulate the strategic opportunities and additional resources (e.g., talent, facilities, equipment, partners, etc.) needed to advance project ideas and fully realize project goals, and
  • Gauge the probability of success in achieving long-term project goals.

The deadline for Phase I proposals is Sept. 30. Details on sections, criteria, and key questions to be addressed are available on the Destination Area 2.0 website. Awardees are expected to use the funds to prepare a more complete project proposal that will be considered for Phase II funding (submission deadline and criteria information also available on DA 2.0 website).

For more information on the current Destination Areas as well as the proposal criteria, expectations, and review process for the Planning and Development Grants, please email Catherine Amelink in the Office of the Executive Vice Provost. Information can also be found on the Destination Area website.  

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