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Search committee members encouraged to verify charge workshop status

From: Office for Equity and Accessibility

Hiring managers and search committee members can now access instructions for verifying their Search Committee Charge Workshop training status with a new link in the PageUp ATS.

Conducted by the Office for Equity and Accessibility (OEA), the workshop is designed for members of search committees and other Virginia Tech stakeholders who may engage in recruitment and search processes. The workshop prepares participants to identify the university's search and selection process, recognize and comply with university and federal equal opportunity and affirmative action policies, and manage a fair and equitable search process. 

Upon completion of the five workshop modules, search committee members and hiring managers should navigate to the “Search Committee Details” section of the PageUp ATS job card to access the training status verification instructions and review the training report. The training is valid for two years from the date of completion.

Virginia Tech employees may register for the Search Committee Charge Workshop in the PageUp LMS. Students and other stakeholders must be registered manually by OEA staff.

For manual registrations or information about the content of the workshop, contact Missy Thomas, senior affirmative action specialist, at or 540-231-5368.

Additional information and diversity recruitment resources are available on the search and selection process page of the OEA website.

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