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Follow protocols to receive COVID-19 test results before international travel

From: University Relations

Virginia Tech employees who have made arrangements to travel internationally this academic year are encouraged to follow these protocols to secure the correct documentation needed to enter another country. These protocols apply if the employees wish to use one of the testing locations available on campus.

At a minimum, the turnaround for test results can take 48 business hours and possibly up to 72 business hours. Employees are encouraged to plan accordingly by taking the following steps.

  • Research your needed testing information for the country you will travel to before booking airfare to determine the time frame. Most countries require a test within 72 hours of traveling.
  • Email a week prior to testing to make sure you can get the proper documentation for your travel. Include in the email the day you are testing.
  • Regardless of the timing that the country allows, if you choose to test via VTNotify, you will need to schedule your test 72 business hours in advance of the time of your flight. This provides a window for results to be returned.
  • Rapid PCR test options are not available. If you need a test result faster than the 72-hour window, please work with your local health care provider, the New River Health Department, or area pharmacies that provide testing.
  • Please note, the VTNotify system does not provide the full information required for entrance into most countries. You will need to provide permission to to send your results via email, or pick up your results during Schiffert Health Center business hours.

As a reminder, on-campus testing locations cannot guarantee test results sooner than 72 business hours. If you want to test at an on-campus location, you must schedule an appointment via VTNotify; walkups will not be accepted. Rapid testing options are not available. Please consider these reminders when making decisions about where to get your test for any instance of travel that requires specific timing and documentation.

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