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Leadership in the Future Workplace program is available

From: Human Resources

As the Virginia Tech community returns to an in-person experience this fall after an unprecedented year, not everything will go back to the way it was before. The workplace is changing and, while there will always be jobs that must be done on-site, flexible work options, including remote work, have become a meaningful workplace option as a result of the pandemic.

Created in response to requests for training across our campus, the new three-part program, Leadership in the Future Workplace, provides leaders with best practices for leading in-person, hybrid, and remote working teams.

To gain an in-depth understanding for leading the future workplace, managers and supervisors should consider the following options:

  1. Complete a recommended 90-minute online training. The training is suggested in all manager and supervisor development plans in PageUp LMS.
  2. Attend a live Zoom training session where leaders participate in meaningful, practical, and relevant discussions on determining telework suitability, performance management related to the future workplace, and best practices for conversations with employees. These will be available beginning the week of July 26 ending by Sept. 3. Managers and supervisors will be able to register for the Zoom sessions inside the online training course.
  3. Finish with recommended online training to ensure success for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams.

Additionally, virtual office hours will be available starting the week of Aug. 9 to answer questions regarding specific future workplace topics, including conversations with employees, flexible work arrangements, performance management, and technology/conducting meetings.

 Virginia Tech supports the use of flexible work options for employees where alternate scheduling or remote work may be appropriate. These options promote productivity and improve employee job satisfaction and retention.
For more information about this training program and other resources available for leaders, visit the Flexible Work Options site

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