This semester might look a little different from the norm, but there’s still plenty of ways to connect with the Virginia Tech community.

To help remind students of just how much there was to do last semester, Virginia Tech Student Affairs launched the Hokies Can Do campaign. It aims to continue spreading the word of fun, safe ways to engage this spring. Don't forget to check out VT Better Together for resources promoting good mental health.

Here are some events coming up this week:

Friday, April 30

Annual Registration: Creating Affirming Environments

Developing Resiliency Workshop Series: Key to Connection

BWLW Picnic: Fueling Your Leadership

BWLW Picnic: Fueling Your Leadership

Saturday, May 1

National Fitness Day - Bouldering

Outdoor Bootcamp- National Fitness Day

SECL: Grab & Go Giveaway

Partner Yoga- National Fitness Day

Soundfest 2021

CPR/AED/First Aid

Flex Gallery with Derek Mueller: Pandemic Bestiary Series

Sunday, May 2

Venture Out: Park and Play Canoeing

Monday, May 3

Finals Extravaganza: Kickoff with Derek and Wagner

Finals Extravaganza: Drop-in Meditation with Hokie Wellness

Social (without the Media) Support Group

Finals Extravaganza: Box Out Stress with Blacksburg Boxing

Assistance With Setting Up Your Student Loan Servicer Account Drop In

Annual Registration: Inclusive Recruitment & Membership Engagement

Developing Resiliency Workshop Series: Developing a Growth Mindset

Finals Extravaganza: Checkmate! Chess Tournament

Tuesday, May 4

Venture Out: Green Exercise Bike and Yoga

Finals Extravaganza: Virtual Yoga with Rec Sports

Student Loans and Debt Management

Finals Extravaganza: Mini Self-Care or Treat Yo'Self Workshop

Stadium Woods Service Trip

Beyond Boundaries Support Group

Planning and Motivation Workshops

Annual Registration: Creating Affirming Environments

Breakzone Virtual Game Night!

Wednesday, May 5

Student Loans and Debt Management

Koru Mindfulness Retreat: Session 1

Finals Extravaganza: Ice Cream Study Break with Schiffert

Koru Mindfulness Retreat: Session 2

Finals Extravaganza: Let's Play Kahoot!

Annual Registration: Expanding Accessibility

Thursday, May 6

Venture Out: Park and Play Stand Up Paddleboarding

Foundations - Discussions on Race & Understanding

Breakfast All Day

For other ideas on what to do, visit GobblerConnect.

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