Happy spring to my fellow Hokies!

As we come upon the final weeks of the semester and prepare to go our separate ways for the summer, I wanted to reach out to the student body and talk to you about two very important things. 

Recently the university, and our organization, announced that we are transitioning to a new model for student government at Virginia Tech, come Fall 2021. We have received a lot of very insightful questions and heard some very helpful feedback from many in the university community. However, I know there is still some confusion about what we are doing, how it is all working, and how students can get in touch with SGA, their student representatives, and me.

I want to use this as an opportunity to provide you with some resources and information to answer all those questions. As your representatives, it is imperative that we hear your voice and feedback so that we can present those thoughts to the administration and other groups we work with. As such, I would encourage you to all take advantage of the resources below in order to get in touch with SGA in the time before we transition to the USS. 

If you are looking for information about the Transition to the USS, how the new organization will work, or who is on the transition team, Student Engagement and Campus Life is maintaining a website with all of that information! Check out the USS Transition website, where you can read some information about each of the team members and watch a presentation about the structure of the USS and what it will look like.

Finally, students who are interested in being a representative in the USS should be on the lookout for updates over the summer and prepare for elections in the first week of October. I strongly encourage you all to take advantage of these resources and don’t hesitate to reach out to me or say hi when you see me on campus! 

Virginia Tech is a university founded on the ideals of service to others. Our motto, Ut Prosim (that I may serve), is the embodiment of that Hokie spirit of service we all take part in. My honor, my duty, and my privilege is to serve my fellow students and advocate for their needs, wants, and hopes at Virginia Tech. Being a successful leader isn't about how many people know me, it's about how many people are helped by my work. This position has given me a lot of new opportunities and privileges, but those are not nearly as significant as the joy I feel being a servant leader to my fellow students and the university community. Thank you for allowing me to serve you, and I hope to continue serving you in the future. 

Good luck in the final weeks of the semester!

Sincerely and respectfully, 

Miles Taylor Guth
Biological Sciences | Class of 2023
Student Body President

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