President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis reminds all of us to stay vigilant to keep ourselves and those we love safe, says Virginia Tech public health expert Lisa M. Lee.

“Remember, taking care of yourself is taking care of others. No one wants to pass the virus along to people they love. So, even if you are not worried for yourself, someone you know —someone you could infect — could become very ill or even die,” says Lee.

Lee says the key things to remember in all situations are to avoid crowds, especially indoors; maintain at least 6 feet from others; stay home if you are sick; and wear a face covering.

“As cooler weather approaches and more activities move indoors, plan ahead to be sure that you can stay safe. If you cannot keep your distance or others are not wearing masks, make the safe choice and leave the situation,” says Lee.

About Lee
Lisa M. Lee is a public health expert specializing in infectious disease epidemiology and public health ethics.  She also serves as the associate vice president for research and innovation at Virginia Tech, where she leads the division of Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance.

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