Cheryl Anne “Mira” Peterson, age 54, of Blacksburg passed away on July 1, 2020.

Cheryl served as executive director of the Office of the President, and was selflessly dedicated to supporting President Tim Sands and the mission and vision of Virginia Tech. She came to the university in January 2015 at President Sands’ request, having served as the executive assistant to the provost during Sands’ tenure in that position while he was at Purdue University.

She is survived by her husband, Mike, daughter Chelsea and son-in-law Paul Snyder, and grandchildren Serenity and William. More information is available here.

“Laura and I have known Cheryl and Mike for the past decade,” President Sands said.  “She was the only person I recruited to come with me from Purdue. We will miss her bright and caring personality, her sharp wit, and her enthusiasm for solving the trickiest of problems.”

Born in Canada, Cheryl’s life journey took her to Indiana and Virginia, but her heart was never far from her roots in Burlington, Ontario. She wore her Canadian heritage with great love and pride, celebrating Canada Day every first of July.  She had a lifelong love of education, receiving a Bachelor of Education degree from York University in Toronto, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and political science from McMaster University in Hamilton.  Cheryl also loved spending time with her family at Myrtle Beach, along with “autumn days, Cary Grant, sports, treasure hunting, teddy bears, and the written word.”

A wreath has been laid at War Memorial Chapel in Cheryl’s memory.

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