What: 6th Annual Hokie BugCamp where kids get hands-on experience collecting, identifying, handling, and researching a wide variety of insects.  Held on the Virginia Tech campus and co-sponsored by the Virginia Tech Department of Entomology and Virginia Cooperative Extension – Montgomery County 4-H, Hokie BugCamp is jam packed with activities that will leave campers bug-crazed and bug-amazed!


July 11, 2019 (8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. ages 6-8)

• July 12, 2019 (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. ages 9-13)

Location: Seitz Hall and Hahn Horticulture Gardens, call for exact times/locations


With nets in hand, young entomologists will learn how to collect and identify insects – where to look for hard-to-find critters, and how to scoop and transfer specimens.

• Once collecting jars are full, older campers will pin, label, and display their insects during the Build Your Own Collection session.

• Mini campers will create insect-inspired art to form a travelling Native Pollinators exhibit, showcased throughout the summer and fall in the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Libraries with a final presentation at Hokie BugFest on October 5.

• Special guest and fellow entomophile Brent Watts from WDBJ7 will explain the fascinating connection between bugs and the weather.

• Younger kids will build tasty, healthy, and anatomically correct Insect Snack Crafts.

• Interested in STEM?  Older campers will conduct scientific investigations, share and analyze data, and construct research chambers to test behaviors and preferences of pill bugs during the Isopod Habitat Build.

• Hokie BugCamp would not be complete without a BugZoo Safari where campers can admire bird-eating tarantulas, hold Madagascar hissing roaches, and see giant African millipedes and others from Virginia Tech’s living bug collection.

For news coverage, contact: Dana Beegle, Department of Entomology – 540-231-8715 or 540-231-6543.


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