Virginia redistricting is now on course for seismic shifts in the legislative balance of power, says Virginia Tech’s Nick Goedert.

Goedert is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and is considered an authority on the topic of gerrymandering, redistricting and the impact on elections.

This week, federal judges selected new district maps that seem to clear the path for the Democratic party to take control of the House of Delegates, following elections this coming November.

“The court acted fairly quickly here, and the changes are pretty dramatic,” said Goedert. “My impression is that the new maps create three almost certain pick-ups for Democrats in southeast Virginia, with a potential for as many as eight flips in the Democrat’s favor.”

“This makes it clear,” said Goedert, “pending additional court challenges by the GOP – Democrats are clear favorites to take control of the House later this year, if the electorate looks anything like it did in 2017.”

Virginia primaries are scheduled for June 11.  In this fall’s November election, all 100 House seats are up for election.

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