Dear Members of the Virginia Tech Community,

LGBTQ+ people on college and university campuses around the world continue to experience discrimination and violence. Recent events continue to remind us of the importance of affirming Virginia Tech’s commitment to an inclusive, welcoming, affirming, and safe living and learning community for everyone, regardless of identity.  As we struggle across our country to understand our differences, and to find ways to engage in difficult conversations, universities can lead the way as places where civil discourse across differences is welcome and core to our mission.

At Virginia Tech, through our Principles of Community, “we affirm the human dignity and value of every person.”   Our nondiscrimination policy protects sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. We also recognize the difference between gender identity and expression and sex identity and sex expression. Our LGBTQ+ Resource Center is also evidence of our commitment to promote community, solidarity, and safety.

Please be reminded that we also have resources available through the Counseling Center, Dean of Students Office, Cultural and Community Centers, Human Resources, Employee Assistance Program, and more,  to provide support for members of our community.

As part of the LGBTQ+ History Month, we encourage you to participate in events hosted by the LGBTQ+ Resource Center. We look forward to seeing your continued commitment to InclusiveVT.


Patty A. Perillo

Vice President for Student Affairs

Menah Pratt-Clarke

Vice President Strategic Affairs/Vice Provost Inclusion and Diversity

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