As members of a global land grant university, Virginia Tech's students, faculty, and staff are actively engaged throughout the world teaching, learning, conducting research and providing service.

Recent weeks have seen an escalation of terrorist and counter-terrorist activity in several parts of the world, raising concern within our campus community about the safety of our Hokies abroad.

We want to assure the Virginia Tech community that a dedicated body of university faculty and staff, comprising the Global Travel Oversight Committee, are vigilantly following updates and alerts, reviewing security conditions throughout the world, and communicating with our students, faculty, and staff in an effort to keep them secure while abroad.

Virginia Tech is committed to ensuring the security and safety of members of our university community who are abroad.

Further information about measures taken to provide for the security and safety of students, faculty and staff is available from the Global Education Office and from the Outreach and International Affairs.

All Hokies in Europe and Northern Africa have been contacted and are safe

BLACKSBURG, Va., Nov. 16, 2015 -- Following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, Virginia Tech immediately began to contact all students and faculty studying, teaching, or engaged in research in Europe and Northern Africa. By Saturday, all 104 students and six faculty members confirmed their safety.

In addition, over the weekend, staff from the Division of Student Affairs have reached out to students from France studying on our campus to offer support and assistance.

The U.S. Department of State has not issued a travel warning or alert, but did issue a security message to all U.S. citizens on Nov. 15, 2015 to be more vigilant but did not restrict travel. Virginia Tech will continue to closely monitor the situation and will offer updates as necessary. All Hokies in Europe and Northern Africa are aware of the events in Paris and have been advised to be extra vigilant.

Virginia Tech encourages all Hokies abroad to stay in close contact with the university and family members at all times.

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