The Virginia Tech Police Department has received recent reports of "walk-in" style burglaries in academic buildings at various locations throughout campus.

Small amounts of cash have been taken from offices by a suspect or suspects that walk through academic buildings looking for unlocked or open offices. If they encounter an occupied office, they make up a quick story about why they entered the room without knocking, and then quickly leave. If you notice this type of activity, or any other type of suspicious activity, please contact the police immediately at 540-382-4343 or 911.

The Virginia Tech Police Department reminds everyone to report all crimes and suspicious activity/persons anywhere on campus immediately to the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-382-4343 or 911.  Anonymous tips can be reported online

All staff, faculty, and other employees across campus are reminded to lock the doors to their offices and work spaces when out of the room and overnight.  All personal items in an unlocked office or work space can become easy targets and an unlocked door can be an invitation to a thief.

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