Virginia Tech’s newly elected Student Government Association president says she is excited to expand students’ ability to enact change to all reaches of campus.

Elizabeth Lazor of Centreville, Virginia, a senior majoring in finance in the Pamplin College of Business, says she is specifically interested in working on initiatives brought to the SGA by passionate students. 

“In order to do that we need to make sure students know their ideas can easily become a reality with the help of the SGA,” said Lazor.

As a first-year student, Lazor was introduced to the Freshman Leadership Experience, a program that exposes first-year students to the many ways one can get involved on campus. That experience eventually led to her participation in student government.

Before she ran for president, she served as student government treasurer last year.

Lazor says her history of involvement with FLEX and the SGA has instilled in her a commitment to communication and collaboration, components she believes are important both internally and externally to effecting change in student life.

Lazor’s first goal will be to raise awareness about SGA functionality by inviting students to get more directly involved in the process of change. All students are encouraged to attend weekly SGA legislative meetings and share ideas.

“The SGA is really just a bridge between students and administrators,” said Lazor. “We are intentionally coming into this new school year without our own specific initiatives to push because, ultimately, it is not about what SGA representatives want personally.”

Lazor also acknowledged the SGA representatives and the resources they offer to expand the reach of the organization. 

“The students holding directorships and other leadership positions within the SGA are not only highly qualified for their specific role,” said Lazor. “But they are all so passionate and energized to improve campus life.”

Members of the house and senate are available to work with students to draft formal legislation, which can be presented in front of the legislative body for a vote.

“Many students have ideas on how to enhance the student experience and the first step towards those ideas coming to fruition is to bring them to the SGA,” said Lazor. “Ideas such as giving students the option to have their dining hall receipt printed started with a concerned student who saw how a sustainability problem could easily be fixed.”

Lazor added that she hopes her term as president continues to inspire students to develop their personal engines for change.

“We want everyone to be aware of the power they have to enact change on campus,” said Lazor. “We want people to know how the SGA can help.”

The organization is in the process of re-launching its website. When completed, further information on the legislative branch’s meeting schedule and how to get involved in the SGA will be available. Students interested in more information are also encouraged to stop by the SGA office located at 321 Squires Student Center.

Written by Drew Knapp.
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