Kimberly Lane Tabor Kreitlow of Apex, N.C., recently received the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outstanding Recent Alumni Award.

Lane earned her Ph.D. in entomology in 2004 from Virginia Tech and received the award for her extensive research and forensic work in the field.

“We are pleased to present this award to Dr. Kreitlow for her significant achievements,” said Alan Grant, dean of the college. “Her work has had a lasting impact on the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and she continues to make significant contributions to the field of forensic entomology.”

She began her journey in entomology by studying bees and beekeeping, managing hives at North Carolina State University and organizing many exhibits throughout the state, as well as volunteering with at-risk youth to introduce them to agriculture.

As a Ph.D. student at Virginia Tech, Lane’s academic focus turned to forensic entomology and she became the first person to earn a degree in the subject area from the university. Today she is considered a pioneer for women in the field, and garnered a prestigious award from the Philanthropic Educational Organization in 2003 for her scholarship. 

“Kimberly Lane has demonstrated leadership in her field and provided useful service to our department and to society at large,” said Carlyle Brewster, professor of entomology. “We are grateful to her for helping to make our department a leader in forensic entomology and feel that she is truly deserving of recognition.”

In addition, Lane authored a chapter in one of the most respected books in the field of forensic entomology in 2010. The book, “Forensic Entomology: The Utility of Arthropods in Legal Investigations” has become a premiere reference on forensic entomology for both professionals and students.

She currently teaches at North Carolina State University as an adjunct assistant professor and has served as an expert witness in forensic entomology in 17 civil and criminal cases.



Written by Amy Loeffler. 

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