Dr. Megan Shepherd of Blacksburg, Va., has joined the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech as a clinical assistant professor of nutrition in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences.

Prior to joining the faculty, Shepherd was a resident in clinical nutrition at the veterinary college. She had previously held positions as an associate veterinarian and an intern in equine private practice at Damascus Equine Associates in Damascus, Md.

“Dr. Shepherd has completed not only a residency in comparative nutrition, but also a doctorate studying the effects of nutrition on obesity in horses,” said Dr. David Hodgson, head of the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences. “She has considerable experience in clinical nutrition consultation at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and in teaching veterinary students through classroom instruction, laboratory sessions, and scheduled rounds. We are excited that Dr. Shepherd will continue to play an important role in our department and in the college.”

Shepherd began her position with the veterinary college in late August. In her new role, she is contributing to the instructional, clinical, and research activities of the college in the area of clinical and applied nutrition.

Shepherd has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Virginia Tech. She completed a doctor of veterinary medicine degree and a doctorate in biomedical and veterinary sciences from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

This article was written by Michael Sutphin.

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