Several new bike racks were installed on campus over the summer and more are on their way over the next few months.

The arrival of these racks are significant not only to the cyclists who will have an easier time finding places to lock up their bike, but will also give Virginia Tech some notable milestones for alternative transportation infrastructure.

Once the installation of all bike racks is complete, there will be over 230 new bike parking spaces that are consistent with the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) short term bike parking guidelines and there will be more than 4,000 bike parking spaces on campus.

Most of the racks were funded by two main sources. Lyndsay McKeever of Burke, Va., a senior majoring in humanities, science, and environment, applied for the Student Green request for proposal program and the second source of funding was a special project from Facilities Services.

Among the new racks is a covered bike shelter located behind Patton Hall. This was funded by revenue generated from Alternative Transportation’s Bike, Bus, & Walk program.

“The Patton Hall shelter is a great example of how participation in [the Bike, Bus, & Walk program] can improve the amenities available to cyclists on campus,” said Debby Freed, Alternative Transportation Manager. “We are just excited that we were able to put something like this in place so soon after enacting the program fee.”


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