Virginia Tech's Fleet Services is continuing their "Green Fleet" efforts at the start of this new year by replacing older models with five new Honda Insights for the rental fleet.

These new cars join the Ford Hybrid Escapes and the Hybrid Chevy Malibu that were acquired over the last four years.

The Honda Insight is expected to get an average of 40-43 miles per gallon (mpg) and have several features that allow the driver to take control over how “green” his/her driving is.

“We continue to evaluate the best type of hybrid for environmental and economical values for our fleet. At this time, the Insight was the best fit,” said Gene Reed, fleet services manager.

The additional hybrids reflect the dedication to the Green Fleet Initiative that Fleet Services implemented in May 2007 as well as the Virginia Tech Climate Action Commitment which was approved in June 2009.


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